30. April 2015

bis Dienstag,
30. Juni 2015
Gallery Fumi, London

I hardly ever thought of flowers

Johannes Nagel

Die Ausstellung „I hardly ever thought of flowers“ / Selten habe ich dabei an Blumen gedacht zeigt aktuelle Arbeiten von Johannes Nagel, Stipendiat der Kunststiftung im Jahr 2011.

„There is a sense of provisionality about the works of ceramicist Johannes Nagel – we know they are finished because they are glazed, fired, and presented, but they allow for continued questioning of the concept of the vessel – what it signifies, what memories of other objects it evokes, the deep conventions of the ceramic discipline. Nagel has the agility to work in accretive and reductive ways: his vessels may be thrown, built, collaged, or cast in moulds excavated in sand. (..) Johannes Nagel’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert museum.“ mehr Informationen unter www.galleryfumi.com

30. April bis 30. Juni 2015

Gallery Fumi, 16 Hoxton Square, London

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