11. Juni 2012

bis Samstag,
16. Juni 2012


Marc Fromm auf der Kunstmesse in Basel

In his installations and reliefs Marc Fromm plays with realities, images and stereotypes. Viewing a beautiful wafting, but long time passed female pharaoh draging a flat wolf behind herself, the onlooker inevitably asks about the present reality, which exactly is questioned in the wooden installations and reliefs. What is still authentic in times, when nothing seems to be impossible, the future has just begun and the past is of no concern? Marc Fromm has chosen a primeval appearing form of sculpture. The carving gets a spiritual refreshment, because this haptic experiencable and at the same time grounded craft seems now sacrosanct and weightless. This impression is emphasized by the reliefs appearing as filligree drawings as well as the floating pictorial worlds.

VOLTA 8 Basel, 11. bis 16. Juni 2012


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